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Allstar Commercial Cleaning offers Emergency Response Cleaning & Janitorial in San Diego, CA. Emergencies cleanup can be required by anyone at any give time. Over the coarse of time, eventually your building commercial facility will have to deal with an event that requires emergency cleanup. Emergencies can occur due to a flood from a broken water pipe, an earthquake or even a mud slide and they will often create a mess that requires a professional commercial cleaning service. No matter what your emergency cleanup requirements may entail, Allstar Commercial Cleaning can handle the post-emergency cleanup in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

With our experienced and expertly trained team of cleaning technicians, modern cleaning equipment and high quality cleaning products, we are able to exceed our customer expectations on a consistent basis. We possess over 20 years of commercial cleaning experience in San Diego. Allow us to clean up your mess, so you and your employees can focus on all of your other work duties. We offer the following:

  • Customized cleaning schedules to suit your business needs
  • Emergency cleaning services available
  • Over 20 years of janitorial experience in San Diego
  • Dependable and efficient cleaning service
  • Licensed and fully insured
  • Quality Assurance Program

At Allstar, we comprehend that every San Diego business or commercial facility possesses its own unique cleaning requirements and can create a customized full-service cleaning schedule properties of all sizes and scope. When you schedule a cleaning with Allstar, we will work with you to develop a plan for your facility that will fulfill all of your cleaning requirements. Our highly trained and experienced team is equipped with industry leading products and equipment to handle any cleaning project. Contact us today at 858-715-0500 to schedule a no-cost consultation and estimate!

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