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Frequently Asked Questions

Allstar Commercial Cleaning wants to answer any possible questions you may have about our commercial cleaning services. The following information regarding our cleaning team, cleaning procedures, and insurance should help you better understand Allstar Commercial Cleaning.

What types of buildings and in what industries do you clean?
We provide commercial cleaning and janitorial services for a wide range of buildings, suites, and settings including restaurants, offices, medical offices, retail spaces, data centers, schools, automobile dealerships, banks and financial institutions, daycare and learning centers, fitness centers, hotels, and more.
Do you offer one-time deep cleaning services in addition to ongoing cleaning?

Yes, we do. If your facilities requires a one-time cleaning service, a short-term contract, month-to-month services, annual contract or longer term commercial cleaning requirements, we offer all options and can customize a cleaning schedule to suit your needs and budget.

Is Allstar Commercial Cleaning Insured and Bonded?
Yes. We operate 100% insured and bonded for the safety and peace of mind of our customers
Do I pay for an estimate?
No, we do not charge for estimates. If you are interested in cleaning services for your home, please call us at (858) 715-0500 to set up an appointment. One of our cleaning supervisors will come to your home or office to perform a free assessment. As part of your estimate, we will customize a cleaning plan and checklist of services that would fir your specific needs. You will hear back from us with your estimate within 24 hours of the assessment.
Do I need to provide the cleaning equipment or products?
No, we can supply all of the necessary cleaning equipment and products.
Can I reschedule my cleaning session?
Of course! You can reschedule and you will not incur any additional costs. Please do note, however, that rescheduling may affect cleaner and schedule availability.
What does a basic cleaning include?
Depending on your commercial space’s needs, our cleaning services will typically include dusting and wiping, vacuuming, mopping, bathroom cleaning, trash removal, and more. We can also customize a cleaning schedule and checklist, as well as provide specific protocols for different types of facilities.
Are all of your cleaners experienced or highly trained?
We always ensure that our cleaners are properly trained and knowledgeable about cleaning materials. All of our employees and screened and have received extensive background checks. Our cleaning staff are legally allowed to work in the United States and can understand and speak at least simple English.