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Once a construction project has been finished, the property can be dusty, dirty and full of remaining construction debris. San Diego Post-construction site cleanup services provided by Allstar Commercial Cleaning will ensure that your new construction project will be completely clean and sanitized and ready for new tenants or for the property to be show to prospective tenants/buyers. We implement a comprehensive post construction cleaning checklist that we follow to ensure that the cleanliness of your project up to code.

If are looking to hire a construction site clean up service in San Diego, Allstar Commercial Cleaning has the team of experienced janitorial professionals to get the job finished quickly and in a cost-effective manner. We have built a reputation for being the best San Diego construction cleaning company by offering a high quality janitorial services at competitive pricing. We have included some of the cleaning services included in our post construction cleanup checklist below:

  • Clean the walls
  • Dust ceilings and ceiling fans
  • Clean trim, baseboards, window frames, and doors
  • Vacuum carpet
  • Clean and polish floors
  • Wipe down all windows
  • Clear all light fixtures and bulbs
  • Remove and dispose of all garbage

Post-construction cleanup services are specialty cleaning service that requires expertise and heavy duty cleaning products and equipment. As a construction cleanup company in San Diego, Allstar Commercial Cleaning understand that presentation is crucial when it comes to a new construction project. We pay attention to every detail, leaving nothing behind to distract potential buyers from purchasing or leasing your property. We were recently featured on ABC News in San Diego. Contact us today at 858-715-0500 to schedule a no-cost consultation and estimate!