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Based in San Diego, CA, Allstar Commercial Cleaning specializes in janitorial services for hotels and restaurants. We strive to ensure your clients experience is constantly first rate. We know and additionally you do, that a spotless and welcoming restroom can represent the moment of truth your visitors’ experience. Be that as it may, we set out to accomplish more than just simply ensure clean your restroom areas are clean on the surface. We use top-quality cleaning products, the most efficient modern cleaning equipment, and an experienced professional janitorial crew to guarantee that your restroom will be receive a deep clean and remain spotless for your customers to utilize.

Allstar Commercial Cleaning have been providing high quality janitorial services for clients throughout the San Diego area for over 20 years. We have included information below, which will give you an idea of the procedures we utilize when you hire us to maintain your establishment.

Daily San Diego Restaurant Bathroom Cleaning Procedures

  • Outwardly perform a detailed inspection of the presence of the restroom. Get any garbage on the floor, around the sink or can/urinal zones.
  • Inspect waste cans and recycling receptacles. On the off chance that they are full or about full, evacuate the garbage can liner and supplant with another one.
  • Check cleanser, bathroom tissue, and paper towel distributors to ensure they are legitimately supplied.

Weekly Restaurant Bathroom Cleaning Procedures

  • Meticulously clean and scour all inside surfaces of toilets/urinals with a latrine dish more clean. Wipe down all outside surfaces, including can seats, with a disinfectant. We utilize the best products and methods for purifying toilets and urinals and understand the best way to sanitize these surfaces.
  • Wipe down and sterilize all surfaces, including entryway handles, light switches, ledges, allotments and gadgets.
  • Clean all mirrors with a glass cleaner to evacuate any fingerprints and stamps.
  • Thoroughly wipe down the sinks and fixtures and handles.
  • Dust wipe, range and wet clean the floors, taking consideration to keep the mops, mop basins, and arrangements utilized as restroom just things.
  • Maintain a strategic distance from cross-tainting with different zones of the office no matter what.

Monthly Restaurant Bathroom Cleaning Procedures

  • Perform extensive dusting throughout the entire space, including the highest points of entryways, racks, segments, gadgets, hand dryers and air vents.
  • Supplant all metered vaporized deodorizers and air fresheners.
  • Supplant the urinal obstructs as important, if there are urinal cleaning hinders set up, supplant these. The PeePod is a definitive restroom cleaners companion. Not just will it freshen up the restroom, as it persistently cleans the urinal dividers, yet it likewise unclogs pipes and ensure they can sufficiently deplete at all times.
  • Check to ensure all channels are appropriately depleting. If not utilize a channel cleaner to evacuate all stops up.

At Allstar Commercial Cleaning, we realize that a clean, sanitized restroom is an extraordinary approach to give your guests a positive impression of your San Diego area business. It is additionally the most ideal approach to keep your representatives and guests sound and cheerful. Our San Diego restaurant lavatory cleaning administrations can be altered to fit the necessities of your business. We will work when it’s helpful for you, whether that is some time recently, amid, or after your ordinary hours of operation. Our expert restaurant janitorial crews are fast, effective, and meticulous. We are certain that you’ll be awed with our elevated expectations for quality and scrupulousness. You can reach us directly at 858-715-0500 to schedule a free consultation and estimate!