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As a San Diego area restaurant owner or manager, you know that health inspections can be a very daunting experience and that you need to be prepared and hire the Best San Diego Restaurant Cleaning Company to ensure that your facility does not receive a hefty fine or possible shut down. Health inspections are essential for the San Diego restaurant industry to ensure that food is prepared according to health and safety standards. Allstar Commercial Cleaning has been offering janitorial services for restaurants throughout San Diego County for over 20 years. We have compiled a health code checklist below, that will allow your established to be prepared in the case of a health inspection.

  • Ensure every employee has their Food Handler’s Permit
  • Create a daily maintenance schedule
  • Hire a professional restaurant janitorial company
  • Conduct your own personal inspections
  • Consult your local health department
  • Become knowledgeable of common health code violations.

Unannounced inspections are common for San Diego Health Code Inspectors and you should expect one to arrive at your establishment at least once a year and up to four times a year to impose a set of health regulations and food-handling requirements used to assess your facility. Some common infractions that present an prompt health hazard and are probable to cause foodborne illness include; contamination food, lack of potable water, sewage issues, bug or pest infestations.

If you are seeking professional San Diego restaurant cleaning and janitorial services, Allstar Commercial Cleaning is available to assist you. We have built a reputation for being the Best San Diego Restaurant Janitorial Company by providing a high quality cleaning service at competitive pricing. Contact us today at (858) 715-0500 to schedule a no-cost consultation and estimate!