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Covid-19 has reeked havoc on the San Diego restaurant industry and restaurants must now take deep cleaning and sanitizing very seriously in order to stay operational. As restaurants have now reopened and become operational, hiring a professional San Diego Commercial Cleaning services is imperative to ensure that your establishment stays consistently clean and sanitized. Allstar Commercial Cleaning has been providing the best restaurant cleaning services in San Diego for over 20 years. Restaurants can be a opportune place for customers to catch and spread viruses, germs or bacteria.

Many San Diego area restaurant managers choose to hire a professional janitorial company for a variety of reasons. The level of janitorial services that become outsourced depends on the owners personal predisposition, the amount of staff that is on hand, and the size and scope of the cleaning duties for their facility. With a shortage of staff for restaurants in San Diego, hiring a company that specialized in restaurant cleaning is now a greater importance than ever.

Allstar Commercial Cleaning will provide services including: sweeping, mopping, dusting, sanitizing tables and other surfaces, washing walls and ceilings; and washing windows. We will deep clean and sanitize all components of your kitchen including; cleaning and sanitizing all stainless steel and countertop surfaces, washing floors and walls, cleaning and degreasing exhaust fans, scrubbing ovens, broilers and stoves; and cleaning and degreasing filters and ducts. You can click the following link to view 5-star Google Reviews we received from many of our satisfied customers.

Studies have indicated that the cleanliness of your establishment twill have one of the greatest impacts on whether a customer will return to your establishment. A restaurant that is not clean and sanitized can lead to negative online reviews and get your establishment potentially shut down my inspection agencies. If you are seeking expert restaurant janitorial services in San Diego, contact Allstar Commercial Cleaning today at (858) 715-0500 to schedule a no-cost consultation and estimate!