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Allstar Commercial Cleaning of San Diego provides Deep Cleaning for Offices and Commercial Facilities to protect against the Coronavirus or COVID-19. Our deep cleaning services will help protect your employees and customers from infection from the Covid-19. Allstar’s deep cleaning services are designed to not only thoroughly clean the surface areas of dirt and grime can be overlooked during weekly cleaning sessions, but also to completely disinfect your workspace, successfully removing the bacteria, viruses, and toxic mold that can accumulate. Hiring our experienced custodial technicians to properly sanitizing your workspace will significantly reduce the spread of Corona virus and any other air-borne illness, as well as controlling allergy symptoms and helping to prevent respiratory illness.

The Environmental Protection Agency has released a list of registered cleaning products that work against hardier germs and are presumed to be good options to fight the novel virus, which we utilize during our deep cleaning services. Our deep cleaning protocols involve a process of sanitizing the forgotten nooks and crannies to snare dust, dirt and virus-carrying particulate.

Allstar Commercial Cleaning of San Diego specializes in providing deep cleaning services for many types of commercial, office industrial, and janitorial cleaning service. As the leading San Diego commercial janitorial service company, we understand the importance of deep cleaning and that that business facilities require a one time deep cleaning service in order to bring the buildings, and facilities, back to the level of excellence that both employees, and ownership require in order to remain protected from Coronavirus or COVID-19.

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