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Allstar Commercial Cleaning offers the Best Commercial Office Cleaning & Sanitizing Service in San Diego and surrounding areas. We have built a reputation for providing the best office cleaning services near me by offering a high quality cleaning services for Covid-19, using products that are FDA approved at competitive pricing. Allstar Commercial Cleaning can provide customized COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection services for commercial facilities in San Diego, to help prevent a virus outbreak in their place of work. Whether you own or manage a large office building, a small office, an industrial facility or a day care, having an professional in commercial cleaning services with coronavirus cleaning is crucial to your operation.

Measures you can take to prevent a Coronavirus outbreak in your office.

  • Clean all high touch surfaces on a constant basis, including desktops or doorknobs. If you work in a facility that receives high human traffic such as an offices, school or commercial facilities, consider sanitizing and disinfecting each day to prevent your employees and clients from potential infection.
  • When performing deep cleaning and sanitizing services, target common areas where employees will most likely be in close contact with other people, such as meeting rooms, break rooms, the cafeteria, bathrooms, check-in areas, waiting areas, and entrances and exit areas.
  • Wear face masks to prevent spreading the virus to others in your workspace.
  • Hire a commercial cleaning company that specializes Commercial Office Cleaning & Sanitizing Service to follow guidelines outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and ensure your workspace is sanitized from top to bottom.

Allstar Commercial Cleaning offers deep cleaning and sanitizing services for office buildings and commercial facilities throughout San Diego County, CA. Our clients benefit from our high-quality office cleaning service, which follows all OSHA guidelines for cleanliness and safety standards. Our commercial cleaning company remains in stringent compliance with the most up to date EPA guidance and CDC health protocols, so rest assured that your building will consistently clean and sanitized in the event of a COVID-19 crisis. Contact us today at (858) 715-0500 to scheudle a no-cost consultation!

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