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For any home remodeling or commercial construction contractor in San Diego, finishing up construction on building or a renovated home and giving the key to the owner the final step during the construction or remodeling process. However, after the construction is completed, the work of a San Diego construction company is not complete until the final construction cleanup is finished. Allstar Commerical Cleaning can provide full cleaning of the complete facility or what is commonly refereed to as post-construction cleaning.


Once a renovation project is completed, it most cases there will be dust and debris accumulation on surfaces throughout the project area.. Construction projects create a great deal of dust. To successfully expunge this dust from your construction area, you will require a professional San Diego post-construction cleaning service. Dust particles can have a detrimental effect on your indoor air quality and also lowers the value of your home or commercial facility. That’s why it is imperative to contact a San Diego post-construction cleaning service after your construction work is completed.

Why Choose Allstar Commercial Cleaning for your Renovation Cleanup or Post Construction Cleaning Needs?

  • Over 20 Years of Experience in Construction and Renovation Cleanup
  • No-Cost Estimates, Complete Customer Satisfaction Assurance
  • Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning Services
  • New Construction and Post Renovation Cleaning Technicians
  • Post Construction Cleaning Residential and Commercial Properties
  • All Cleaning Equipment, Products Provided

Whether it’s a new addition, a refurbished floor, or new home construction project, your newly completed residential or commercial project should receive the cleaning services it requires. You can contact us today at (858) 715-0500 to schedule a quick no-cost quote!