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As a San Diego area restaurant owner, you understand that the main focus of operating a successful commercial kitchen involves maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Every commercial kitchen should have a cleaning checklist or set of guidelines to follow in order to avoid failing health inspections or unsavory online reviews from patrons. Many San Diego area restaurant owners opt to outsource their janitorial services and utilize a professional La Jolla commercial restaurant cleaning company that focuses on restaurants and the hospitality industry.

Over our 20 years of existence, Allstar Commercial Cleaning has built a reputation for being a reliable and efficient cleaning service for hotels and restaurants throughout San Diego County. Allstar Commercial Cleaning can outline a customize cleaning schedule that will offer daily, weekly, and monthly commercial cleaning services.

Cleaning Grease Traps, Inceptors and Kitchen Exhaust Systems, Kitchen Equipment

In order to maintain a healthy and sanitary kitchen environment it is imperative that the kitchen equipment be consistently cleaned, as well as all surfaces. Grease traps pose an inherent risk to the successful operation of your kitchen and should be cleaned each week, which will help to prevent blocking your sewer line, which can lead to very costly repair services. Also, a clogged sewer line can pose a health risk to your establishment, which can lead to lengthy shut-down periods.

The kitchen’s exhaust system filters should also be cleaned on a consistent basis. This will avert grease and oil from decamping and infiltrating the storm drain system while concurrently being an principal precautionary measure against a kitchen fire occurring.

If you are looking for professional commercial cleaning services for your hotel or restaurant establishment in La Jolla, San Diego, look no further than Allstar Commercial Cleaning. We bring over 20 years of knowledge and experience to the table to be able to maintain the highest sanitation and cleaning standards, which of the utmost importance to your facility’s safe operation.

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