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Commercial cleaning budgets often focus on obvious and immediate cleaning needs, but there are several overlooked areas that can impact the overall cleanliness and hygiene of a commercial space. Allstar Commercial Cleaning of San Diego addresses these areas can lead to better maintenance and a more pleasant environment for employees, customers, and visitors. Here are five such overlooked areas in commercial cleaning budgets:

  1. Hard Surface Floor Cleaning: From vinyl to hardwood, ceramic tile, porcelain and more, we can deep clean your floors, so that they not only look visually appealing, but will also enhance its durability and longevity.
  2. High-Touch Surfaces: While routine cleaning covers general areas, high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, elevator buttons, and shared equipment (like printers and copiers) can harbor germs and pathogens. Focusing on these areas can help prevent the spread of illnesses among employees and visitors.
  3. Ceiling and Wall Cleaning: Ceilings and walls can accumulate dust, cobwebs, and stains over time. Neglecting these areas can impact the overall appearance and hygiene of a space. Periodic cleaning of ceilings and walls can help maintain a fresh and inviting atmosphere.
  4. Under Furniture and Fixtures: Often overlooked during routine cleaning, the space under furniture, cabinets, and fixtures can gather dirt, debris, and even pests. Regularly moving and cleaning these items can prevent accumulation and ensure a thorough cleaning.
  5. Window Tracks and Blinds: Windows are commonly cleaned, but the tracks and blinds are often overlooked. Dust and debris can accumulate in these areas, affecting indoor air quality and the overall appearance of windows. Regular maintenance of window tracks and blinds can contribute to a cleaner environment.

Addressing these overlooked areas may require additional time and effort, but the benefits in terms of improved cleanliness, hygiene, and overall satisfaction of occupants can be substantial. Allstar Commercial Cleaning provides professional janitorial services in San Diego.  We understand the importance of these often-neglected spaces and can incorporate them into your cleaning budget and schedule.

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